Promotional Coasters

When you go to a bar or pub and pop your pint (or whatever other beverage tickles your fancy) onto a beer mat, you notice what is being advertised on it; be it an ale, beer or anything else! And it’s no different with a promotional coaster.

Promotional coasters are effective at promoting your business as they are used everywhere; everyone needs a coaster to rest their cup of tea or coffee! Plus, in an office environment, using a promotional coaster looks far more professional than placing a mug down directly onto a table, leaving those ghastly ring marks.

So, wherever a person is resting a drink upon a promotional coaster, if your brand is on it, you’ll be gaining more visibility. And high visibility will increase the credibility of your company. People are more likely to trust a brand that’s widely advertised than one they’ve never seen before.

Printed materials such as promotional coasters are effective for advertising and make for great corporate gifts too. Take a look at our range today and find a style to expertly market your brand. 

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