Promotional Bespoke USB Drives

Promote your logo in a unique style by going for a custom shape usb drive. If you are bored of the standard usb drives and want something a bit different then a custom shape usb flash drives could be just what you need. 

The soft PVC material we use to create the custom shapes can be designed and moulded using multiple colours providing a 3D replica of your very own company logo or even one of your own products - the possibilities are endless with our custom shape usb drives!

If you want maximum brand exposure, then our custom usb drives are the perfect choice! Custom colour, custom shapes gives a truely bespoke finish!
Available in a range of memory sizes our custom shape usb flash drives offer you true flexibility to your storage requirements - we can even pre-load the with your own data.

With memory sizes rangeing from 512MB upto a massive 16GB the choice is endless. If you think the custom usb rives are an expensive option then think again! Contact us today to discuss pricing

- Call our promotional team on 02920 790006.

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