Promotional Ice Scrapers

Get 10% off promotional ice scrapers this winter with PA promotions. These handy little items make for much appreciated giveaways this winter. Think about the number of cold winters we have here in the UK; they’re countless. And how likely do you think it is for every single person to have an ice scraper to hand? Not very many we should think.

In fact, it’s quite common for people to pour hot water over their windscreen or fish out a bank card from their purse or wallet in an attempt to scrape off the ice. Desperate times, hey. Well if you use promotional ice scrapers to promote your brand, they’ll never have to resort to either of these methods, and they’ll have your company to thank for it!

And not only do our promotional ice scrapers do the job, they’re unique looking too. Take a look at our range today to see what we have to offer. Go on, you know you want to. 

To celebrate the countdown to Christmas and the New Year, we are currently running a 20% off deal on ALL Ice scrapers. Part of our series of offers on promotional winter items that will be updated and added to every week! 

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